Mentoring - for PROS or those planning on going PRO

Wanting to expand your photography hobby into a business?  I have a mentoring program for you.   Learn methods and business ideas  that I wish I knew when I first started out!  Contact me for more details. 

Subjects that may be covered:

What equipment is the best investment


Social Media


Search Engine Optimization "SEO"



Customer Service

Photography Skills



Black Backgrounds

Off Camera Lighting

Posing - Model required ($40 fee/hr ) unless you provide your own

1-hour mentorship - Covers 1 to 3 of the above subjects

2-hour mentorship - Up to 1-5 of the above subjects
4-hour mentorship - Up to 1-8 of the above subjects

Best Deal!
6 hours mentorship - Covers 1 to all of the above subjects

Skype sessions are available


Photography Lessons for AMATEURS!

If you are currently a pro or semi pro photography or wanting to become pro - please look at the mentoring section.

Fantastic Gift Idea!
Great for the completely clueless or those who want improve their photos. 

What lessons include depends on what you want to learn: If you want to learn everything, a six-hour-long lesson is suggested. 

*Techniques for a sharper image.  
*ISO, F-stops and shutter speeds. Not sure what these are? Then you need a lesson.
* Depth of field- How to make your subject the focus of your photograph
 *White balance – Get rid of the over-blue or yellow photos and make your colors pop
*Composition- how to make your photos stand out from the rest
*Use of natural light and when to use a  flash.
*Optional- Basic editing/ post production of photos and what FREE programs are great to use.
*Get out and shoot! 
With the 4 hour+ lessons; Permission to call mefor those what-do-I-do moments and photo critiques.
Each session has an idea of what can be covered in the time period. A model can be added to any session for behind the camera time $40/hr or you can provide your own.

1-hour lesson - Very basic camera operations and photography techniques.
$75private lesson 1 person
$50 per person  2+ people

2-hour lesson - Basic camera operations, photography techniques and some behind-the-camera time
$125private lesson 1 person
$100per person  2+ people

4-hour lesson  -  Camera operations, photography techniques, behind-the-camera time and basic post-production
$200 private lesson 1 person
$150per person  2+ people
Add model for behind the camera time $40

Best Deal!
6 hours - Camera operations, photography techniques, behind-the-camera time, off-camera lighting and basic post-production
$300 private lesson 1 person
$250 per person 2+ people
Add model for behind the camera time $40

Contact for custom group rates

Equine Photography Workshops

Equine Photography Workshops are usually held in either the fall or spring

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