This is just to get an idea of your knowledge of photography so we cover what you want or need to know, not what you already know. This is a very generalized form I use for workshop, classes, mentor sessions and private lessons. If you do not think it applies to you, you do not have to answer.
If you are an amateur photographer and are wanting to improve you skills, please only complete the top portion. If you are a professional or wanting to become professional, please answer all.

Name *
I have a private facebook group that I will add you to. If you have a personal page please copy and paste the link here so I can find you easily
If time allows and if there is anything in particular you want to learn, please ask.
Please list brand and model
I am asking where the dial at the top of your camera is set at.
What will be your subjects or main focus?
Check all that apply
What Post-Processing method do you use?
For photoshop classes- do you know what the following is?
Check all that apply.
Do you know what the following is?
Please check those that you know
These is for safety reasons and need to know your level of horse expereince
If you are interested in the mentoring program or attending a workshop please fill out the rest of the questions
What do you want to learn
Check all that apply, please elaborate in messages
websites, image hosting sites, social media links. I need to see a wide range of images, not just your best shots. ACTUAL LINKS, website and social media would be appreciated
What will your product be?
How do you plan on selling, who is your customer? Check all that apply.
Communication *
For mentoring programs I have several different methods of communication , just depends on if you are local or long distance. Let me know what forms of communication you are able to do. Check all that apply
Please elaborate on some of the above questions, plus anything else you would like me to know.
ONLY FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING If you are attending the North Texas Equine Photography Workshop please answer the following
What portion are you attending?
select all the apply
YOU MUST PAY 50% to HOLD. No Exceptions. There are 4 bedrooms ranging from $35 to $135/night Depending on the locality of the attendees, there may not be room for everyone. I can recommend other lodging in the area, Rooms at Wildwood King with private bath $135/night Queen 1 private room with shared bath $80/night Queen 2 private room with shared bath $80/night Room 4 - Hostel type/ sleeps 5 with shared bath $35/night
Please list flight info or let me know as soon as you have booked a flight.
Please list below.
Photoshoot wishes.
I have a few shoots lined up but if there is anything you want in specific please let me know. I did a styled shoot last year (long dresses and so forth) so unless their is a demand for that I will not do that last year. My aim for this year is to get everyone marketable images. The nature of horse business and busy show season may make some request undo able, but will do my best for those to be done. I do have some Gypsy Vanners lined up, debating to do with or without models (or both) Please pick 5- they do not necessary mean we will shoot the event, just what attire the models will be wearing
Food choice for Meet & Greet
Most votes will be meal choice.
canon camera white balance kelvin
facebook page stats
using reflective building to add light