Interested in becoming part of Terri Cage Photography.  Part time help,temporary \currently available.
I am trying someone who is interested in assisting during photoshoots and other tasks.  If you are interested in becoming a photographer, this is a great way to learn. I cannot provide anyone with a given set of hours as my schedule is so sporadic.   I will give as much notice as possible, but I do occasionally have last minute sessions. Some session are can be from 1 hour to several and you will get paid weekly. Transportation is a requirement, but you are always welcome to ride with me.  If you are interested in applying please fill out the form below. The way it will work; I will send out an email weekly with booked session, I will text you for last minute session. If there is a task I need done, I will do the same thing.    Photography experience is not necessary, but horse experience is very important. 
Some of the task that may or may not be needed during shoots. Pay will be $10 to $15/hour. Occasionally my clients will tip my assistant. If I get tipped, I split with my assistant. Some of my shoots are an hour or less so minimum pay for a shoot is $20.

  • Behind the scene photography/video with cell phone

  • Social media posting

  • Getting ears up for horse

  • Grooming touch ups

  • Holding/leading horses

  • Model touch up- getting hair out of face

  • Holding and/or carrying lights / reflectors / other equipment

  • Watching the time for me

  • Setting legs

Other than assisting in photo shoots some other task I may have are.

  • Organizing client files

  • Image organization and back-up of files

  • Web-site maintenance

  • Social media posting and other marketing

  • Image editing (training will be provided)

 Must be willing to work when scheduled and give plenty of notice if you need to cancel.  If you have an interest in photography you will learn about the business and have fun. 
Session hours are usually evening hours Monday - Saturday, some mornings and not everyday. I try not to work on Sunday’s but sometimes I use it for raindates. Other task can be done when it works for your schedule.
If still interested please fill out the form below.

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Remember photography experience is not necessary 1-10
On a scale of 1-10 1 being you are scared of horse 10 being you can handle any horse
I will only answer questions to those are serious and fill out this questionnaire completely.