High School Model Rep Program

Deadline 12-31-18
Accepting class of 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023! Current Models will automatically be accepted, but must reapply. 
High School Models are students in high school who will represent Terri Cage Photography in exchange for credits toward the typical cost of their own senior portraits and discounted portrait sittings—potentially saving hundreds for the student and their families.
Representatives earn the credits for each friend and classmate that is referred to Terri Cage Photography for their senior portraits. Since my Model sessions are just as much about the experience as an actual client, each model will be required to have professional hair/makeup done for their sessions. Models should be able to tell everyone about their expereince, so they will get the same benefits as all portraits sessions.  We will spend time planning our session, discussing locations, photo ideas and putting together clothing options.  
An extra benefit of being a Terri Cage Model is you get several sessions through out the year.  In addition to the session you will receive images for social media.  The VALUE of the 4 hours in front of the camera and the social media images is $550, so your sessions are greatly discounted.  Additionally, I host several workshops, classes and private photography lessons where I am in need of models. I always call on my Model Team first to model for these events. Some are in exchange for images, some are actually paid.

There is a fee to cover the direct/indirect cost of the sessions and hair and makeup for both sessions. Payment plans can be arranged. If you have hair/makeup artists you prefer to use, please let me know and we can arrange that.  For guy models the fee will be discounted.

You will receive approximately 15-20 websize images from each session that you will be able to use on social media sites to market Terri Cage Photography. These will contain Terri Cage Photography’s logo. Additionally, you will receive cards and promo to give out with all the information about Terri Cage Photography. These will allow you to get the credits through the referrals.  Being active on social media is very important and you will need to follow my accounts and allow me to follow yours.
If you are interested in becoming a Terri Cage Photography Model Team member and would like to learn more, please complete the following application.

Be sure to completely fill out the application, as I will use some of the information on your blog.  Some of the criteria I am looking for: very active on social media, shows leadership, well-spoken, active in school and non-school activities, location.  For those with horses, my location range may be extended.  Must be willing to sign a contract and - schedule permitting - attend a training meeting with the group.  

All who apply will receive a discount on their photo session, even if they are not chosen.


Please list the name of school and the city it is located.
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Model Birthday
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Terri Cage Photography Senior Model Alumi

Letterman jacket senior photo
Senior guy picture with truck and dog
Allen high school photographer
Horse and rider bond
God made a farmer sign senior photo
Girl senior pose with horse
senior girl with horse
senior guy with horse
senior girl pose
denton texas senior photographer
aubrey texas photographer
senior guy with motocyle