Katie | Senior 2019 | Keller | Fort Worth Stockyards

Katie is quite the fashionista and loved every outfit she had. We did 2 different sessions. One in the spring of 2018 with her Appaloosa; Eyesa Hot Smokin Chip “Hank” and other session in the fall at the Fort Worth Stockyards and Arts District. When I arrived for the spring session, I drove through a beautiful gated entry and a long tree lined driveway. Couldn’t of been a more perfect spot! Katie selected the Stockyards and the Kimbell Art Museum and her styling was perfect for both locations.

Hat: Charlie 1 Horse
Turquoise Jewelry: Family Heirloom
Locations: Arlington Texas, Fort Worth Stockyards, Kimbell Art Museum
Hair & Makeup: Horse Show Makeup Artist

Annabelle | Suddenly Nic | Senior Session in Pilot Point

Doesn’t Annabelle’s red shirt look marvelous with her palomino Suddenly Nic “Nac”! Looks stunning on Annabelle too. Annabelle competes with Nac in NRCHA events and AQHA shows in the Working Cow Horse Events. It was a rather wind day, yes I have said that before, but it’s Texas so it is normal. In the pasture was a beautiful stock tank surrounded by trees. I “thought” this would be a great place to start out the session. A large blue heron corrected this thought as it kept flying back and forth over Annabelle & Nac. Nac was not to fond of this so we had to move locations.

We got creative to avoid the wind and tried out the barn doorway, a covered walkway between the barn and arena, I even found a cool wall of pallets. We couldn’t bring Nac next to them, but made a great spot for just Annabelle. When the wind started to die down when used the outdoor area and the front driveway. Across the street was a large pasture and made a nice backdrop.

Red Shirt: CR Ranchwear
Location: Metcalf Quarter Horses, PIlot Point Texas
Makeup: Horse Show Makeup Artist

Emma | Rio Vista | Country Senior Portraits with Horse

When I pulled into Emma’s driveway, I immediately fell in love with the tree-lined driveway and knew this would be where some of her photos would be taken. Tree-lined driveways are always my favorite, they are scenic and I find it easier for the model to handle their horse. With the lack of grass, the horse won’t be so tempted to try to eat. Emma and her horse, Jax made me think of National Velvet. Emma has some Elizabeth Taylor qualities, mostly her big beautiful eyes and Jax could easily double as The Pie.

Caitlin & Anthony | Engagement Session with Horses | Aubrey Texas

I have know Caitlin since my horse judging coaching days. I did her Senior portraits and she has been one of my equestrian models several times. I very excited to do her engagement session, especially since she wanted her & Anthony’s e-session to be with her horses. The red dress she wore looked so good against the early fall colors.

Lucky of La Osita Farms | Equine Fine Art Portraits | Brawley Farms | Texas

Lucky’s owner Christina had me out to do some equine portraits of him, she was rather proud of her horse, as she should. She used the session for 2 reasons, one for fine art portraits and some conformation photos to help promote her farm. I tried to give her a good variety of shots, including equine headshots, black background, conformation and some artistic backlight options.

Lexi | Allen Texas Senior Portraits | Adriatica Mckinney

I am honored when I get asked to senior sessions when I did the graduates other sibling. I did Lexi’s sister a few years ago at the same location. What I like about the Adriatica is I can do many different shoots there and I always find new spots. It was unseasonably cold, very humid and rather windy the day we did her senior pictures, so we tried to find spots that she was blocked from the wind. Something I always allow is for my seniors to bring friends to be included. Friends are part of your high school memories so why shouldn’t they be included in your senior portraits.

Claire | Keller Senior Photographer | Flower Mound | Stone Creek

We took Claire’s senior pictures at one of my favorite locations, Stone Creek Park in Flower Mound, Texas, I love this spot as it is always a little different. The water levels are always changing and it gives it a different appearance each time. It is one of the few water locations I know of that I am not worried about snakes. It is a very popular location which keeps the snakes away. We did several outfits in the water and then when it got to dark we move to the lawn area. She worn a dress from my collection, that I thought would look lovely in the setting. The rocks can be very slippery and Claire found one, she slipped and fell,. She didn’t hurt herself or get her hair or makeup wet, but the bottom of the dress was pretty wet. I told her since it was wet she had to options to stay where she was and sit in the water with the dress one or change. Her eyes lit up and was all for the sitting in the water. I applaud her because I know that water was cold. I had rubber boots on and I could feel the coldness as i stood in the water.

Maddie & Magnus | Central High School | Keller Senior Photographer

This was my 2nd time to work with Magnus and 1st time with Maddie. Second time with Magnus as I photographed Maddie’s older sister for her senior portraits with Magnus a few years earlier. Love Maddie’s style and even though it was warmer than it should be for the time of year we took her photos, she stuck it out with some wonderful fall fashions and her letter jacket. When i say warmer, I should say hotter and the humidity was horrible. I believe the heat index was 106 that day. We took photos in a turnout area where she boards Magnus. She found a cute little fenced area to change clothes since my dressing tent would of been a sauna. Near the end of the session I walked over to the area she was changing as the light was great there. I was horrified when I realized it was covered in poison ivy! I am the type that gets it if the wind blows my way. I asked Maddie if she gets it and she said she never has, whew!. I was still worried about and asked her during her order session a couple weeks later and she never got it. Double Whew!!

Sarah & Fraizer| Frisco Senior Photographer

Sarah & Designed To Be Good “Frazier”! Frazier is Sarah’s former horse, but his current owner was nice enough to allow her to use him for her senior portraits. They both were a dream to work with. Right before I arrived for the session a storm blew through. When I pulled up there was a beautiful rainbow. Knowing the rainbow wouldn’t last long, I I barely introduced myself a started photographing Sarah with the rainbow in the background. It only lasted a few minutes, so when it was gone we did more formal introductions and started the rest of the session. We had to watch the weather carefully as storms where all around us, The wind started to pick up, but we found a great spot surrounded by cedar trees and it made a great windblock.

Brandalyn | West Texas Senior| Equine Session

Brandalyn attends Clarendon High School, but haul several hours to have her senior session done at the beautiful Grey Horse Ranch in Wildorado, Texas. She brought 3 of her horses, one that she recently won a AQHA World Youth Championship. Not only is Brandalyn active in her horse activities, she is also active in golf, basketball, FFA & 4H. Not sure when she sleeps! We were able to incorporate all her talents, plus her dog all in one photo.