Horse Christmas Session | North Texas Equine Photographer

For the past 6 years, I have been doing Christmas Wreath Session in the North Texas Area. I did more this year than ever before. When I 1st started doing these sessions, I used an actual wreath that we put over the head. Believe it or not most horses had no problem with it. The problem with the wreath was, it was hard to put on a few horses and I did not like the way it laid on the shoulders on smaller horses, as it was one size fits all. Also if the horse but their head down, the wreath would slide down. I switched to garland a few years ago and now have 4 different ones. I use premade garland from Balsam Hill I thought about making my own, but by the time i bought every it would of cost the same as buying one already made. Plus I am not very crafty. I also added black back ground with out the wreath as an option.

fb cover.jpg

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Brittany Russel | Arizona Equine Photographer | Cave Creek

On a recent trip to Arizona, in between photoshoots I would go hiking,  I discovered Cave Creek Regional Park on one of these hikes and new immediately that I wanted to do a photoshoot their.  I was already talking to Brittany about doing an equestrian model shoot and told her I found a great location.  She brought Halo, a beautiful APHA mare by The Mechanic.  A person walking their dog on the trail stop and watched the photoshoot and told us that was the prettiest horse she has ever seen. 
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