Cheyenne & Ty | Proposal in The Tulips!

Ty contacted me to meet him and his soon to be fiance at Texas Tulips in Pilot Point Texas. They drove up, along with Cheyenne’s grandparents, from Waco. The “story” was that her grandparents purchased a photo session for Cheyenne for her birthday. He even arranged for her to have her makeup done before the came up. Although it was the 1st time I spoke with the grandparents, I went along with the plan and introduced myself to the grandparent and they introduced me to Cheyenne. Ty & I spoke previously that when I find a good spot and lighting, I would ask him to cut a couple tulips with his pocket knife. That would also give him the opportunity to kneel down and pull the ring out of his boot. As he knelt down and was tying to get the ring, Cheyenne was watching him, her grandparent fortunately where able to get her attention and look away. I picked a spot that had a good background and beautiful light, but their angles changed while he was trying to propose and I literally had to leap over a row of tulips so I wouldn’t get both their backs. The smile on Ty’s face as he proposed was priceless!

Olivia's Senior Session, Lots of Pretty Flowers and a Beautiful Creek

I have been doing photos for Olivia’s family for several years now. Her father runs a Thoroughbred Racing Partnership and I started doing some promo photos at Lone Star Park for them. I also did her older sister’s senior portraits and have done family photos too. When Olivia applied to be one of my High School models, I was happy to make her one of my selections. One of the perks of being a TCP model is they get 2 different sessions. We did her 1st session at the Dallas Arboretum, which was the same location we did her sister’s a few years before. The second was at one of my favorite locations; Stone Creek Park in Flower Mound.