Whispering Oaks | Equestrian Barn Session | Prosper Texas

I started doing barn mini sessions this spring and really have enjoyed them. I still treat everyone as a regular session, with pre-consult, editing and help with orders. A majority of them are black background images, but if the light and scenery allows we also do some natural images. Barn Session are a lot of fun for everyone involved and can get a great session at a lower price. I have a host from the barn arrange everything and she gets others at the barn interested. The host can earn discounts on their session and even receive a free session if they get enough interested. This session we had to do some quick rescheduling. It was originally scheduled for a Saturday and that particular Saturday was forecast for heavy rains. Which has been a trend for the past year. I had to split it between Friday and Sunday to work with everyone , including mine, schedules. The ground was a little soggy for Sunday, but it was a beautiful day and everyone was able to get their session in.