Maddie & Magnus | Central High School | Keller Senior Photographer

This was my 2nd time to work with Magnus and 1st time with Maddie. Second time with Magnus as I photographed Maddie’s older sister for her senior portraits with Magnus a few years earlier. Love Maddie’s style and even though it was warmer than it should be for the time of year we took her photos, she stuck it out with some wonderful fall fashions and her letter jacket. When i say warmer, I should say hotter and the humidity was horrible. I believe the heat index was 106 that day. We took photos in a turnout area where she boards Magnus. She found a cute little fenced area to change clothes since my dressing tent would of been a sauna. Near the end of the session I walked over to the area she was changing as the light was great there. I was horrified when I realized it was covered in poison ivy! I am the type that gets it if the wind blows my way. I asked Maddie if she gets it and she said she never has, whew!. I was still worried about and asked her during her order session a couple weeks later and she never got it. Double Whew!!