Our sessions are mainly controlled by your desires. When you call in for a session, we will discuss  your wants and needs for your portrait session. We will discuss location, clothing and anything else we need to know. Whether it is a formal, casual or mini session, we are confident that we can work with you to achieve the imagery desired. Since I offer several types of sessions, each type has it own needs and the process may vary.  Please visit the session page for more information.


Sessions will take place on-location, in-studio or a combination of both. They can last from 45 minutes to several hours. Your session location may be a park, your horse’s location, your home, etc. I have a few ideas for locations but always welcome your ideas!  Oftentimes, you know a location that best represents you. I want to capture you just as you are. I’ll encourage everyone to interact with each other, tell jokes and just have fun!


Sit back and relax! I’ll be hard at work editing your images and choosing the best ones to present to you.  I know you’re anxious, so I will provide you with a sneak peak of what I captured as soon as possible after of your session. You will find your sneak peak on my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account where you can tag yourself and share with friends and family.  For seniors and portrait sessions, approximately 1-2 weeks after your session, you will receive an email from me to set up a private viewing session at our studio. For equine sessions, I realize that images need a quick turnover and many clients are only in this area for a few days; therefore most equine sessions are put online for proofing.


Not to overwhelm you with hundreds of images taken, I will select the best images from the session. This will be approximately 20-30% of the actual images taken. Some of these will be edited and/or retouched so you can see what the finsihed product looks like. Orders will be placed at your viewing session at our studio where you can look at your images on a big screen and see product samples. It is a good idea to have a list of what you need and the wall measurements where you would like to display your portraits.

Enjoy your memories for a lifetime!



Quality should be the primary driving factor because no matter how great the deal, you barely have time to do it once, let alone time to do it over. This means a high level of technical expertise, proper exposure of images, proper use of highlights and shadows, intentional composition with flattering light and angles, remarkable editing, and an overall consistency in producing quality images.


Almost as important as quality and expertise is to find a photographer who has a style that resonates with you, and your life. A great photographer will take some time to think about  the style of images you are looking for. Do you want studio (either classic and simple or with props for some shots) or do you want on-location and if so, where? Where will you display your images and what are you looking to accomplish with them (i.e. wall displays in a casual or formal room, to complement a display that has been built over time, an heirloom album showcasing your entire shoot)? 

It’s extremely important that you choose a photographer whose galleries and portfolio reflect what you are looking for, and reflect it consistently without a constant changing style.