Streakin Lil Wayne & Tricia | Barrel Stallion Shoot | Sanger Texas

This is my second time to photograph this beautiful roan Quarter Horse Stallion. Well actually the third time, the first time he came to the North Texas Equine Photography Workshop where he & Tricia modeled for us. Being a young stallion Tricia knew he filled out since last years so wanted some updated images. When I first arrived it was raining, as it seems very common this fall in the North Texas area. We decided to wait it out as the weather forecast said it would move past us. So glad we did, as it cleared and the storms moved east it gave us a spectacular backdrop and some beautiful light, There was one of the best sunsets of the year, but sadly we already were headed out when it started to form. Never fails!

Rylyn Senior Portraits| Prestonwood Polo| Bishop Arts

Rylyn contacted me over the summer looking for polo photos that were taken at a tournament. I told her although I would love to photograph a polo match, it wasn’t me. Soon after she contacted me again wanting to do her senior portraits. We had a great time starting in the early morning at Prestonwood Polo Club with her two polo ponies; Machu & Angela and then heading over to Bishop Art District in Dallas, Rylyn is multi-talented, not only does she compete in Polo, she was accomplished rider in Hunter/Jumper circuit before switching over.

Rylyn attends Greenhill School and also sings with the Dallas Opera. She plans on attending Cornell University with plans on becoming a Veterinarian.

Pauline | Southlake Texas | Equestrian Portraits

Pauline was gifted part of her equine photography session by my sister and her family for the kindness she showed them at an event Pauline planned. She was very excited to have her session done. Had her horses well prepared, several outfits picked out. Had her hair and makeup done by Sheila with Horse Show Makeup Artist. We started out doing some black background photos of her three horses Evie, Santiago and Tigger. Then we did a group shot with Pauline and multiple horses and then each horse individually with Pauline. She loves the way Tigger moves so we also did some liberty shots of him.

To book a session or find out more about equestrian photography session visit our equestrian collections.

Miranda | Class of 2019 | Equestrian Portraits

Miranda is as sweet as she is pretty! Had so much fun with this girl, her horse and family. Her horse, Reese, is a rescue from The Pegasus Project in McKinney Texas and they have a incredible connection. Miranda attends Prestonwood Christian Academy and plans on attending Texas A&M. Senior pictures with your horse is one of my favorite sessions to do and Miranda & Reese’s session help make it that way!

Western Lifestyle Photography | Texas Cowboys and Cowgirls

I recently visited a local ranch to watch gathering and doctoring cattle.  Watched these hard working cowboys and cowgirls from early morning to late afternoon as they rode out to gather the herd, sort, rope and perform the needed doctoring for this years calves.  Had all ages for cowboys and cowgirls and each worked smoothly together.  The more experienced showing the young and less experienced how it is done. 

Madeleine & Rachael | Best Friends | Senior Portraits | Equestrian Style

Best Friends Madeleine and Rachael did their senior portraits together at the beautiful XO Ranch in Aubrey.  Although the both attended to 2 different high schools, their love of horses and eventing gave them common intertest and both trained at the Idyl Wild Stables. 
Both have beautifil grey horses that they used in their photos.  Madeleine with Genoa and Rachael with Smarty.

Madeleine graduated from Plano High School and will be attending Texas Christian University.  Rachael graduated from Prosper High School and will be attending Baylor.


Byron & Storm | Equine Best Friends

I get so many messages whenever I post Instagram Stories that have Byron and Storm in them. I thought I would tell a little about them. Their constant playing is very entertaining and I find myself watching them out my back window way too much. I have to admit getting videos isn't always easy, as the minute I step out my back door they stop playing and come to the fence.  They are a "little" spoiled and expect treats when they see me. 

A back story on these two and how they became such good friends... We had Storm first; we bought him as a yearling nine years ago for a companion for my daughter's mini, Trooper. I say 'bought,' but I think we rescued him. He was in a 30' x10' pen with 20 other minis. He was the smallest and obviously the bottom of the pecking order. He was thin, the weight of his long mane caused his neck to lay over and his pasterns were very weak. He obviously lacked the nutrition he needed. There were fancier minis in the pen but my husband, daughter and myself decided he needed to come home with us. Storm and Trooper became great friends as well and played often - not as much as Byron and Storm, but did like to pretend they were wild stallions. At least that is what we would joke about.


We bought Byron as an eight-year-old as a show horse for my daughter, Mary, to move up on. Mary showed Byron for a while and they did very well. Byron is one of the sweetest horses and his personality made him a favorite for us.  

How Storm and Byron came together is rather sad, but does have a happy ending...  A few weeks before Appaloosa Nationals, Byron was injured. This injury would require a minimum of 6-9 months stall rest. We ended up purchasing another horse for Mary to compete on. The new horse and Mary did very well together and he became her new show horse. We decided to bring Byron home, as we all liked him too much to sell him.  

About the same time all of this was happening, we lost Trooper to colic. Storm was depressed from the loss of his companion and we decided to move things around and turn out Byron in the pen next to Storm. It took a few days but both seemed to enjoy each other's company by standing next to each other.  Although Storm never was kept in the barn and Byron was the only horse in the barn, we decided to move Storm into the stall next to Byron at night to keep each other company. Now they were next to each other 24/7, being turned out and stalled at the same times. After a few weeks we tried to put them together. I was apprehensive about this, as there is such a size difference.  After all, Byron is 16hh and Storm is barely 33".  They got along just fine; sometimes it looks like Byron gets a little rough, but he is very gentle with Storm. It's Storm that can get a little rough and likes to show who the boss is.


They have been best friends for a couple years now and I do my best to find good safe toys to keep them entertained.  I have learned nothing is safe and will play with anything that comes close their pen.  Broken tree branches, a hose too close and even rocks have all become toys. 

 Storm and Trooper shortly after we got Storm

Storm and Trooper shortly after we got Storm

 Storm and Trooper being "wild stallions"

Storm and Trooper being "wild stallions"

 Byron during his show career

Byron during his show career

 Trooper was my Christmas card model on year

Trooper was my Christmas card model on year

 Byron on the cover of the Appaloosa Journal.

Byron on the cover of the Appaloosa Journal.

Sierra | Senior Portraits | Mounted Archery | North Texas Equine Photographer

All I can say is Wow!  I was so impressed with Sierra and her horse Nike. To ride a horse at a gallop and to shoot an arrow at the same time is quite a talent.  I can only image the amount of time it took to train a horse and how much practice.  She made it look easy and I definitly  will be attending if they have any mount shooting in the North Texas area or even close by. 

Sierra wore several cute outfits.  She is attending West Texas A&M in the fall and wore a dress in a color to signify that as well as her boots with the WTAMU logo.  Loved her Glam & Grit hat that matched her turquios shirt perfectly.  It even had a buffalo on it which is her college choice's mascot. Her 3rd outfit was in her beautiful prom dress.  I just love prom dress and horses toether in portraits. Lastly she wore one of her mounted archery outfits. 

Lazy Luvah | APHA Stallion | Western Pleasure

The first thing you notice about this gorgous stallion is his long, thick forelock and beautiful coloring.  Soon after that you notice how kind and gentle he is, making it easier to fall in love with him.  This bay roan stallion has also acquired quite a few titles to add to his list of making him a very popular stallion in the Paint Horse World.  As an equine photographer, stallion shoots have become a favorite of mine. 

Brooke | Dallas Senior Portraits | Deep Ellum

We did Brooke's Senior Pictures in some of the best locations.  I do not photograph much in Dallas, but her and her mom new some great spot.  Brooke's mom works in the Art Districts and had access to a tall building where the top floor was not occupied yet. We started early and watch the sunrise from a high rise was something unique for me. There where lots of sculptures and other art that made so interesting backdrops.  The building was also close to the Dallas Opera House and loved their very shallow pool.  I will definitely be back!  after shooting in the Art district, we headed over to Deep Ellum, another 1st for me.  SInce my photograph locations are usually rural, it was refreshing to shoot at these locations.