Appearance Tips For Your Photo Session

Taking extra time to think about your appearance for your photo session can make the difference between liking your images and loving them. Plan ahead and avoid that last minute rush of throwing something together at the last minute. I have a  few suggestions and tips to help you decide your clothing options below. These are not rules, just some observations I have made and some of my personal opinions. Some of the "don'ts" may work for you and your style!


  • Always keep in mind that the camera shows more!
  • Unless your arms are toned, you should wear sleeves that cover past the elbows.
  • Dresses should be long enough for you to sit down.
  • Undergarments may show through clothing in images, so layer if needed.
  • V-necks are more flattering, as it slims and lengthens the neck.
  • Avoid polo shirts; I find that they are not very flattering.

  • I prefer the look of long sleeves on men in photos, but anything that is not too tight or too loose works.
  • Layering is always a good idea; it makes fast clothing changes for different looks.
  • Hint: If you are doing a session with your wife, mother, girlfriend, fiance; wear what they tell you to wear.

  • Clothing that coordinates together is better than matching outfits! Pick a color and work around that.
  • If you are going to wear jeans, try to get tones that are close.
  • Accessories are awesome but add them to help coordinate, not to distract.
  • They even coordinated with the horses
  • If it is cold out, don't be afraid to wear coats and other accessories, but keep to the other suggestions.

  • Wear clothes that fit properly; too loose or too tight should be avoided.
  • The focus of these photos are you, not your clothes! So try to avoid too bright or dark of colors.
  • Avoid loud prints, lettering, logos, and bright shoes.
  • Avoid putting a dark belt on top of a light outfit.
  • Always think of head to toe and the location your shooting!
  • Always keep in mind your location, weather and the look you want.

Clothing changes
Layering: The jacket can be removed for a different
 look, and the hat can be removed for yet another look.
Think about where you are going to make clothing changes ahead of time. In some places, there are spots to go and in others, you are in the wide open, so think of undergarments!

Don't forget to bring shoes for all the outfits! Also think of where you're going to shoot and if its doable to wear your cute heels to get there, or if you should bring a practical  pair of shoes to walk to the location in. If shooting in a outdoor location,  I recommend a pair of rubber boots to wear when moving from place to place.  They are easy to take on and off and provide some protection.

  • Men should be freshly shaved so five o'clock shadows don't show.
  • Hair should be nicely cut and colored. I recommend haircuts/color at least a week before.
  • Girls should have their eyebrows waxed/tweezed several days before so the redness isn't apparent.
  • Bring items for hair and make-up touch-up to your session!
  • Nails should be clean or manicured for everyone.  For girls, nail polish should be fresh or completely removed and not chipped.

Try to stay away from the pieces that "make your outfit a little cuter" and lean more toward the sentimental pieces. Chunky heavy jewelry may be cute, but it's very distracting and takes away from from the main subjects.

Use matte finishes and avoid make-up with sparkles and glitter, as they get in the way in the retouching process with the way they reflect light. If you hire a make-up artist, use one that has worked with photographers.

Always feel free to contact me for a free consultation before your session. If you want to add a stylist, make-up artist, or hairstylist that is always an option for your session.

How many outfits?
Bring as many as you want and I will help you chose.  I have a lot of expereince with what photographs well and what colors look good with skin tones and the location we are working with.  Don't think you have to wear everything, we will make the best selections together so pack as much as you can.  I love accessories!