Remember Me Rescue Calendar

Remember Me Rescue is a small but big-at-heart organization that rescues, rehabs, or re-homes Thoroughbreds that have been on the track. Many times, owners and trainers of these horses contact Remember Me Rescue when they have a horse that is retiring from racing, injured, or just lacks the talent to be competitive on the track. Some of the rescues have been almost heroic, from the Many, LA rescue to the rescue of several Asmussen mares, in which - through a series of networking, donations, and hard labor from horse lovers around the county - dozens of horses were saved. Remember Me Rescue has quite the following on Facebook  and it's very touching how so many find ways to help, such as donations, finding transportation, and even the tremendous generosity of a well known owner to offer her credit card anytime in the case of a vet emergency.

I have taken countless trips to Remember Me Rescue and I have yet to see a horse without food or water.  Stalls are always clean and even the smaller pastures and turnouts are mucked daily.  Dallas and Donna are true horsepeople with talents that always amaze me, They are truly gifted in how they connect with horses and they have a passion for helping the ones in need.

Please help support Remember Me Rescue and take a look at some the beautiful and fortunate horses that have passed though the program in the past year by purchasing a 2013 Remember Me Rescue calendar for $29.95 plus shipping.  100% of profits will go to Remember Me Rescue.

2013 Calendars are 11" W x 18"L (image is 11 x 8,5) and priced at $29.95 plus shipping.
Click below to order your calendar.  Calendars will be shipping mid-November