Barn Sessions!

Designed for boarding barns, training facilities or just a bunch of horse owning friends. 

  • Need an organizer.
  • Need a minimum of 4 horse owners.
  • Each session fee is per horse/owner combo. 
  • Each session will get a set time period.  How long depends on what we do.
  • Deposit is required.
  • Viewing/ ordering session on the same day.

Organizer: Can be the owner, manager or a client of the barn. Organizers can earn  discounted or even complementary sessions or products, depends on how many sign up for the session. Organizer will be the one to spread the word and get others to join in.  I will give the organizers material to help promote the event. They will also make sure everyone is ready for their time slot. They must get a minimum of 4 horse owners.

SAMPLE Session Price:
Session are fully customize to fit your barn's needs.   An example session: $99 -Includes 45 minutes of my time and a fun photo experience for you. You will also receive 2 fully edited/ re-touched 8 x 10 prints.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your slot. I will not hold that slot until deposit is paid. Each session fee is per horse/owner combo. So if one owner has 2 horses, they will need to pay 2 session fees.

Viewing and choosing images:
All viewing will be done on-site immediately after each session. While I am shooting the next session, one of my assistants will help them choose your images. This session was designed to make it quick, simple, and to allow everyone to get their images as quickly as possible.

When and how will everyone receive their images?  They will received edited/ re-touched prints mailed directly to them.  

What if they like more than 2 images?  They may purchase additional images and prints at additional cost. 

May they  purchase more at a later date? Yes, but be sure to write down the image #'s of the ones they may want.   If they want them loaded online, there will be a $25 loading fee.

What if someone is running late? Please be on time. Because of scheduled time slots, we must stay on track of the assigned times. If you are running late, it will take away from your time in front of the camera. 

What if we are a bunch of friends and we do not keep our horses at the same place? No problem, we just need to find a location that everyone can meet at.

To set up a customized session email or call me at (940)367-4269