Rocky Mountain National Park Babies

I think this years record snowfall and snow melt, along with daily rain showers made quite an impact on the vegetation available to the grazing wildlife of Rocky Mountain National Park. I have never seen so many healthy happy babies in the years I have been going there.  Love the babies and seeing so many was one of the best parts of my trip this year.
This fawn and its mother walked right in front of us.  The mother quickly ran off and left the fawn staring at us for a few seconds before following its mothers cue

Took this in the early evening when a large herd came down for the evening to graze.  These little ones had a lot of energy bottled up after a day of napping and I was glad to watch them unleash their energy.

Watched this pair from the road for awhile as they ate.  After a few minutes, they decided to move on and came toward us.  Mom stopped and gave us a stare as to say excuse us we are coming that way, so we moved on and let them by.  Its their home, we are just visitors ;-)

A large evening thunderstorm was headed our way when we came across a group of elk cows and calves. They were extremely vocal and it was amazing to listen on how they communicated.  My daughter recorded them and I am trying to figure out how to load on here.  Not sure if they were gathering in a tight group in anticipation of the storms on the way.

This one was extremely curious of us and showed no fear. We seem to notice many of the elk and moose ignoring people this year,  We witnessed the Timber Creek Campground as it was "invaded" by a group of elk and walked around campsites and giving the campers a close-up view and some great stories to tell their friends.

TWINS!!!! Absolutely adorable and quite the attraction as their mother ate.  They were in the horse pasture at Winding River Resort, so the line across the photo is the fence.  Also heard a great conversation from a couple of campers. Female camper; the mom looks a little thin
Male camper; she has twins
Female camper; I had twins and was never that thin
Male camper; She has to search and work for her food, the hardest thing you had to do was peel potatoes.

Watching his fans

Sorry had to include another...those eyes!

More playtime photos

I took 1000's of photos on this trip and if you want to take the time to look at them please feel free.  The ones posted on this site are available for purchase and will be adding more soon.

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