Make Room For The Train - How'd I do that?

Several have inquired about how I did this, so here it is. It was pretty easy actually. First set your camera to Manual mode Shutter speed is key.  The settings weren't perfect since this was a spur of the moment shot. I ones that were used ; 1/80th sec for shutter, would of gone slower to 1/60th if this was planned and used a tripod. Since it was a bright day F-stop was at f/25, ISO was at 250, thought I had it 200 which would of been better.  At the last moment I ask the family to stand by the a safe distance and be very very still.  With no posing time allowed they did great! 

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You don't have to use a train, you just need to be safe.  Any moving object will work, the faster the better.
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To view the series of photos with the moving train