Denton County Horse Book

Book Update – Denton County Horse Country

So far I have visited only 8 farms and ranches. Well behind what I wanted to do by the first part of June. Since old man winter hung on a little longer, it pushed my starting point way behind. The trees stayed bare long and horse coats held on to their heavier coats longer than normal. Then we had above normal rain for the early part of spring, but now we are in great need of rain as the days are starting it hit in the 100’s. I still have a long list of places I want to visit, just hoping to get to a few before everything turns brown or dries up.

My visits have been very relaxing and find a great peace in walking around several of the ranches. I have even come to the conclusion that is what I hope to bring that peace to some of the photos in my book. Showing horses in their natural state of grazing or being curious. And trust me, I have found some very inquisitive animals. They are fascinated by the presence and sounds of my camera. So lots of head and close up shots is what I end up taking. There will not be any “staged” horses running across the pasture, but if I am lucky enough to capture a few horses running and playing naturally, I won’t miss trying to get those shots.

I am thankful for the faculties that have allowed me to visit and photograph their horses and surroundings. Some give me free rein to go where I chose. I have been given small tours or large detailed tours by owners and employees. One thing for certain is they are all love their horses and take pride in the facilities in which they are associated with