Denton County Youth Fair

Last week I attended the Denton County Livestock Assocation Youth Fair.  This fair has been a regular event for our family for 15 years. My kids have entered many of the events offered over the past years; include goats, food, queen contest and of course the horse show. The fair brings many families and friends together. Many friendships have been made at this show, even though they may only meet up a few times a year. What I have learned over the years is the fair is a lot of hard work. Having being the horse show manager or superintendent over the years I know what it takes behind the scenes, but it is nothing compared to the jobs that some are responsible for. Then there are the kids. What they do to prepare their projects is amazing. There is so much dedication, responsibility and time involved to bring home a ribbon or the ultimate goal; make the auction. Not only do they work hard, they support their competitors and guide the beginners. The rodeo is the last event of the fair and is great fun, from mutton busting to calf scramble to the friends and family cheering them on. It was extremely windy this year, but the stands were still full of those supporting the youth competing.

Most of the fair is supported by local donors, their help keeps entry fees affordable, provides belt buckles, scholarships, buys auction projects and much more. So if you have a county fair, please make a donation and support your local youth and employers I recommend hiring someone that was involved in this time of competition. They already have all the right qualities!
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Rodeo (it was too getting to dark for many of them to turn out decent from the stands)
Horse Show-Performance
Horse Show- Speed
Youth Fair

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