My trip to Lubbock and the kindness of strangers

I recently traveled to Lubbock Texas to watch my oldest daughter compete in an IHSA show. My youngest daughter and her friend also took the trip with me. I had the horse trailer with us, as I was bringing a horse for them to use during the show. I also brought the trailer along to pick up the friend's horse which Amanda has been training for the past 2 months. Needless to say as many of you know, pulling a trailer can suck the gas. I had plans on stopping in  Guthrie (know for many large ranches such has the The Four Sixes) and getting gas as I have before. This is were the oh no began. The highway recently was re-routed in Guthrie and caused the gas station to go out of business. The next town was roughly 30 miles away. I wasn't too worried until we had to head up the cap rock, I totally forgot about that. We almost made it too. We were almost to the top when the jerky and stuttering began. I kept thinking as soon as we level out we will be ok. I was wrong. There were two gas stations ahead that I knew of and thought I had them insight, but we were coasting and I had to pull over. I was too far from the gas stations to leave two young girls alone and felt it wasn't safe to bring them along and cross the highway. I called my daughter to inform her and thank goodness she had a friend who reminded me to call the number on the back of my driver’s license for help. After a few phone calls I was put in contact with the Dickens County Sheriff dispatcher. She was one of the nicest persons I have ever spoken too and bent over backwards to help. She took my number and said she would call me back when she could contact someone to help me. When she called be back she told me there wasn't a deputy in the area, but was sending her son and asked for a description of what I was driving. I was overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers and I was glad I ran out of gas in a small town. To give a suggestion on how small the area is when she was trying to figure out my location she asked me if I passed the court house. After seeing numerous courthouses in Texas I was thinking a much larger building so told her I didn't think I did? On my return trip I looked for it and the courthouse wasn't much bigger than a small two-story house, no wonder I missed it.

While we were waiting for her son to arrive we watch a coyote cross the road a few 100 feet in front of us. Then we saw a small thin mama dog cross the road, then cross again and again. The last time she was almost hit by an 18-wheeler. We packed out lunch, so I had food with us. She must have smelled the food and was standing outside of the truck door. I stepped out and gave her most of my sandwich- she needed it much more than I did. I picked her up and look her over and could tell nothing has nursed off her for in sometime. I couldn't live myself if on my return trip and she was killed on the road, so I put her in the truck. The dispatcher's son arrived and he put plenty of gas in my truck to get me much further than the next gas station. We talked about the dog and he thought he knew who she belonged to and kind of questioned me taking it. Then I showed him the dog and agreed she needed attention now. I told him that I would stop on my way back on Sunday to check if at the home he thought she belonged to. I tried to pay him for the gas and his time and he completely refused and I was very persistent. I was asked to just pay it forward; I liked that idea and hope to pay it forward to someone who needs a hand.

Her son then followed us to the nearest gas station to make sure we would get there safely. On our way out of town, his mother called us back and thanked us for picking up the dog and no need to stop on the way back. Apparently the dog's owners left town and abandoned her and her pups which the sheriff office confirmed they were all dead.

The girls named the dog Lulu after the nearest town that had a "girl" name - Idalou. She is doing great, putting on weight, getting a little spring in step and brightness to her coat. I hope to find a good home for her when she is healthier, but hubby (also called the dog-man in my house) is getting attached.

If you ever pass through Dickens Texas, know that there are some very friendly and good heart residents there as the not so good-hearted left town. I do like the saying "Pay It Forward" and need more of it in life.

I did take some photos on my trip.  The ones above are taken a rest area/historical marking west of Guthrie.  In the past there  has been broodmares from the 6666 ranch getting water.  Wasn't as lucky on this day.  The photo with the brands was taken with my cell phone, was pretty dull so did some editing to brighten it up and to remove the trash on the ground, but I had to share.