Tips for preparing your dog for photos

If you are like me your dog or dogs in my case are part of the family, so why capture memories of you beloved pet in photographs. To make the most out of your time in front of the camera, be prepared. In most cases you will want you dog clean and well groomed, do this before your photo session begins. If you want action shots this may not be as crucial as a portrait type session.

When finding a photographer for you dog, be sure they have some experience around dogs. Non-fans of dogs wouldn't be your best bet to hire.

If your dog doesn't know a few basic commands like sit and stay, start working on it a few weeks before your session. Training most dogs basic commands doesn't take much time and it will make the session much less stressful for you, your dog and your photographer.

Bring your dogs favorite treat and toy to help get a good expression on your dogs face. Sometimes a brand new toy helps. Also bring some water and a bowl for your dog. Some dogs may be afraid of the noises and flashes of a camera, so acclimated before you session. Let your photographer know if your pet is fearful of anything. If the photographer doesn't have an assistant, have another family member or someone else your dog is familiar with to assit.

Choosing your location is very important. Safety for your dog is the most important thing to consider, not to close to roads or other dangerous places for dogs. Consider the coloring of your dog so you dog stands out and doesn't blend into the background.

Think of the time of year and climate. If your session in the summer consider the early morning so your dogs tongue isn't hanging out the whole time and doesn't become overheated if doing action shots.

If your dog is part of the family and your life include them your personal portraits!

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