Rock The Dress; Equine Style

Rock The Dress, Trash The Dress, Rock The Frock what ever you wish to use. It is one of the latest styles of capturing your dream dress. Sure you have formal portraits done before and after the ceremony, but do they reflect the real you. Rock the Dress is used to express the real you and to have a little fun. You spend hours finding the perfect dress for your perfect day, get the most out of it. Whether it is your wedding, prom or other special occasion why not see yourself in a different light than the normal portraits. You bought the dress for an important day in your life, why not include your favorite horse that is so important to you. You will cherish it for years.

I had some great models that were both excellent riders. Thanks to Rachel & KC for allowing me to use them as my Guinea Pigs and were very willing to do whatever I ask. Of course on my way home I kept thinking of poses I should of had them do. They had to deal with the wind, bright sun and fresh horse. It wasn't too cold, but I had a jacket on and they were in spaghetti strap gowns. I also want thank Hixon Show Horses for allow us to us their facility. Some of you may recognize the large un-finished house in the back ground of some of the photos that has been a landmark in Sanger, Texas for many years (decades).

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Trash The Dress is not limited to those with horses. If you are into rock climbing, try it at your favorite spot. If you are into working out, to a shoot at your favorite gym. Whatever your sport, career or hobby is; work it in the photo shoot and show the real you.

It is recommended that you do this type of shoot after your event.

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