Hurry up spring

So far I have had a good response to my project for this spring were I plan on creating a photo book of the horses of Denton County. There has been several ranches or trainers willing to or asking be to included. I have met some of the nicest people and the are extremely proud of their horses. I am blessed to live in this area and look forward to a face to face meeting of everyone I have talked to.
I have always thought I knew how diverse this area is in its horse population, but I have discovered I have just scratched the surface. Its much more than the Stock Horse breeds that dominate the county. Seems more equine variety is starting to take root.

I still don't know what the emphasis will be one, but my head is full of 1000's ideas. I guess once I start taking the photos, my plan will come into focus (no pun intended).
Can't wait till spring when everything greens, horses coats are slick and plenty of foals to watch!