I plan on doing a photo book of the horses/ ranches of Denton County. Haven’t figured which direction I am going yet on were the strongest emphasizes will be: either foals, stallions, faculities or a combination. As you know Denton County has largest horse population in Texas and one of the largest in the country. There have been several books of this kind in the Lexington, Kentucky and Ocala, Florida areas, but none in Denton County that I know of. I have always felt that Denton County has not promoted the large equine industry as the previous listed areas have and hope this book will help. The passing of the recent Texas Incentive Fund is another reason to promote this area. I want to include several different breeds and disciplines to show the diversity of horses that is in Denton County.

If you know of a faculity that would allow me to come take some photos please pass this along. What I am wanting is to occasionally do photos of their horses and facility. This is at no cost to them. I will never show up unannounced and will contact them at least 24 hours ahead of time. I will not disturb daily activities. I may ask a few questions but this can usually be done my e-mail and answered on their own time. All photos will become property of Terri Cage Photography, but they will have the option to approve the photos I wish to use for publishing. I will provide them with 10 low resolution photos for their use. I do ask that if used, that they include a photo credit and link to my web-site. Most photos will also be listed on an on-line gallery for their viewing. I plan to start photos mid-February through May and may visit 1 to 3 times, unless it snows again, then I will want to come out then. Time of days I would be there are early to mid morning or a few hours before sunset. The facility with a little background and details will also be mentioned in the book.