Texas Equine Photographer | Equine Portraits | Delaney, Kidd & Tigger

What a great session! So many great memories captured!  Delaney recently retired her horse; Kidd and The Appaloosa Journal was doing an article on the pair and needed some images.  She was also welcoming a new horse so we did a session with Tiger too!


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Texas Equine Photographer | Anne-Marie | Senior 2015

Anne-Marie is actually from Louisiana, but her horse is with her trainers, Gillespie Show Horses, in Texas.  While doing a ranch call for World Show photos we did a quick senior session for Anne-Marie. It was beautiful morning, nice and cool so I was happy to do a session for her. Great location, great light, perfect subject with gorgeous eyes and a photogenic horse with quite the personality.


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Texas Senior Portraits | Texas Equine Photographer | Blake: Northwest Senior 2014

Congratulations to Blake and a wonderful High School career!  While in high school Blake was very active and successful showing his Brahman cows at many major shows. Blake will be attending Tarleton State University with plans to become a Forest Ranger.

Texas Equine Photographer | Texas Senior Photographer | Denton Texas | Northwest High School

Texas Equine Photographer | Equine Portraits | Ashley, Hank & Rafaella

It was obvious very quickly that Ashley had a long history with her two senior horses that are both retired. Clearly they have spent many hours together and have a tremendous bond as Ashley talked about each horse, it was like a mother talking about her children.

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Denton Senior Portraits | Texas Photographer | Ty: Senior Krum

Ty is a recent graduate of Krum High School and plans on attending Texas State Technical  College to study Air Traffic control.  The Denton Regional Airport was the perfect backdrop for his career choice.  He obviously has a love for horsepower as his motorcycle and mustang where included in his session.

Texas Equine Photographer | Texas Senior Photographer | Denton Texas

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Texas Senior Portraits | Texas Equine Photographer | Haylie: Senior 2014 Denison

As many of the seniors I photograph with their horse, we did Haylie's session at her home.  The drive to her home was beautiful even though it was the middle of winter and everything was less than green. The location of her home was no different and we found plenty of places around her home that made a great backdrop.  Haylie is a proud member of her school's State winning basketball team and was also on her schools Volleyball team.   In her free time she enjoys riding her horse Sugar and spending time with family.


Texas Equine Photographer | Texas Senior Photographer | Denton Texas

Denton Senior Photographer | Christian | Ponder 2014

This was my first time to try any images on a football field and had fun trying a couple  ideas.
Christian has been our neighbor for several years ago and his brother made a good assistant. They are both obviously close as portrayed in the 1st image.  This was something his mom wanted and I was more than happy to do. He is very close to his family and it is very apparent that he has a great relationship with his dog Rosie
Christian is active in many sports at Ponder, and excels at most of them receiving many awards throughout the years.  He just recently sign to Hasting College on a football scholarship.

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Western Engagement Session | Denton Photographer | Clint and Amanda Engaged

Amanda my beautiful daughter recently got engaged to a wonderful guy named Clint. We did a e-session on their last visit at my home and at a good friend of ours barn.  Although I was hiding the tears (happy tears) the session went really well and had fun with both of them.  Had a good laugh when I ask Clint to get down on his knee and hold Amanda's hand.  All Amanda could do was laugh and told me he would never do that, but he did it!  They are very cute together and enjoyed the time I spent with them.
Take care of her Clint, she is one of a kind and couldn't love her more or be more proud to call her my daughter and you my future son-in-law.

Thanks Kim & Robin for letting us use your barn!

We were blessed with a spectacular sunset

Had to include the dogs!

And one with Pebbles, Amanda raised her so fitting to have her in the photos.

Notice Clint in the eye refection.


Texas Equine Photographer | Fort Worth Senior Photographer | Brieana: Timber Creek Senior 2014

Brieana and her horse Duke met me for her senior session at the very popular Bear Creek Park in Keller, Texas. I have shot many sessions at the park, but this was a first with a horse. We started early before the crowds arrived and used Duke for the 1st part of the session.  We finished just in time before a model rocket contest started.  Duke was perfectly happy while munching on hay and didn't seem to notice the rockets.

Brieana had a beautiful smile and perfect dimples!  She currently competes in barrel racing and poles at the North Texas High School Rodeo Association and is her school's Rodeo Queen as well as the team's president.  She plans on attending Tarleton State University in the fall.


Texas Equine Photographer | Texas Road Trip Photoshoot

I have had several inquires from other locations requesting photo shoots. My tentative plan is to  visit the College Station, Houston, San Antonio, Austin areas, but depending on the demand or need will determine my final schedule and locations. 

 May 15-19 2014: Ranch and Farm CallsBarn SessionsSenior Portraits, Photography Lesson or anything you need. Book early! Please contact me to schedule, be sure to include the preferred dates (1st & 2nd choice). Dates may increase or decrease on the amount of bookings. 

Texas Equine Photographer | Texas Senior Photographer | Sarah: Plano Senior 2014

Sarah chose to have her senior portraits done at a family farm where her dad grew up.  I really enjoyed the session and could almost envision her playing as a young girl in the loft and barn in which some of the photos where taken. I know it was truly sentimental for her father, as he told me he played in barn when he was young and now Sarah keeps her horse there.

We started out taking photos in one of the pastures and that is when I noticed "the tree."  It was an old, dead tree that had tons of character, so I told them we just had to use it!

It had been rainy off and on all day, and during the session, we had to move it to the barn due to the rain. I loved how the images turned out.  Being a dairy farm, there were plenty of great places for pictures - and a couple really cute calves


Texas Equine Photographer | Senior Photographer | 2015 Senior Reps Wanted

Now is the time to sign up to be a Senior Rep for Terri Cage Photography for the all upcoming 2015 Seniors!

What is a Senior Rep?
They are an outgoing, super energetic with an upbeat attitude who loves to be in front of the camera. You will have your senior photo session done late in their junior year, and some cases we will do some re-takes for some fall color during your Senior year. 

We do a 2+ hour session at no charge with as many fashion changes as you wish at a location of your choice or one of my favorites. You may bring props parents or your 2 or 4 legged friend.

What you have to do?As a Terri Cage Photography Senior Rep, you represent me and the images I have taken of you.  Show them to your friends, handout my cards and be excited about your photos.

What's in it for you? Besides getting your free session you will also get, free on-line gallery of your photos to choose your favorites from.  You will get up to 10 digital images with a watermark to post on Facebook . Great discounts on images or prints. Plus commissions and bonus images for everyone you refer that has photos done with Terri Cage Photography.

What is require besides your outgoing personality? 
  • You must post consistently on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter , plus agree to keep a profile and/or cover photo taken by me throughout the year.  Since you will have other milestone images that you what to display as your cover or profile, that is fine as long as one Terri Cage Photography image remain.
  • You should be active at school or  other activities.
  • You must love to have your photo taken!

How do you sign up?
Click here for more info and to fill out the 
2015 Senior Rep Application
Hurry and sign-up, reps are limited to 1 or 2 per school and only 10 total.  Any schools in Denton, Collin, Cooke, Wise, Tarrant, are eligible, surrounding counties will be considered.

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Terri Cage Photography | Texas Equine Photographer | A Look Back at 2013

2013 has been a great year and I am glad to have taken photographs to remember it. My daughter recently asked me how many I thought I took this year, so it made me wonder myself. I looked at my SmugMug account and I have a little over 200,000 images saved on there. However, I have had the account for several years, so I know many are not from this year. Nonetheless, though the amount I add increases every year, I am sure many are from this year.  But I also became more selective about what I saved, as not all images make the cut to be uploaded.

I went through my calender to see how many equestrian events at which I was either the official photographer or worked for the official photographer. Each day of equestrian events will average around 1,500 images. Equestrian events are probably the only events for which I upload almost all images.

Weddings, portrait session, ranch calls, commercial photos, and my own personal photos are where I cull many of the images and just the best make the cut. I shot several weddings and was the second shooter for even more; there is another 500-1000 per wedding. All other sessions average around 100/hour. I took many trips this year that were planned with photography in mind.  I gave a couple photography workshop and attended a few as well. Then there is "my practice sessions" where I find volunteers to try new ideas or just to practice. Should I count the photos taken with my iPhone? 

I am guessing I took close to 100,000 images this year, so it was hard choosing some of my favorites. Obviously, I will post my favorites on my social media and web pages, so I tried not to repeat them here. Some I did, though, as they had special meaning or are my absolute favorites.

What made the list? I love when an owner celebrates a job well-done or just a quick show of admiration with their horse and the moments when they think I am not watching. Also, there are a few outtakes, behind-the-scenes photos, and many photos from my travels this year.  What you will not see much of is images from portrait sessions and ranch calls, as many have already been posted elsewhere. Nor will any wedding images be posted, as they have already been posted and blogged.  I did two sessions this year that were very significant to me.  In fact, they where the hardest sessions I have ever done, in terms of holding back the tears. Big milestones in my life: one was senior photos for my youngest daughter and an engagement session for my oldest daughter.

Life takes you places; photos help you bring back the memories so you can live, laugh, and cry.

These are listed in no particular order, just left them how they loaded.

From the Chilsom Challenge, an exhibitor shares her win with her horse

Another celebration from an exhibitor. 

During a break at Remember Me Rescue's Battle of the X's event, the crowd had some entertainment.  Amazing how a dog, a small boy, and a water bottle kept 100's entertained.

My first newborn session. Thanks to my friend Natalie for allowing me to try on her sweet baby.

Kind words of encouragement and a little pat go a long way.

October always brings costume contests and superheroes

I have learned that a close-up head shot of a fast moving horse is very difficult.  I am not quite there yet, but trying

A boy and his horse, need I say more

Same with a little girl and her horse.

One of my more favorites of the year.  While doing a liberty shoot, he stopped in front of the barn and had this look.  I was worried about the background, UNTIL I looked at the back of my camera.

I really think they were talking to each other

A pat for a job well-done.  I have to admire this rider for staying in full attire.  It was well over 100 this day and the humidity wasn't fun either

Pure admiration! 

These two boxers where very comical.  They were well-behaved during the show, but at the end of the show every day, the owner would turn them loose in the arena (no horses present) and all the bundled up energy was let loose.

I do like buckskins, especially those who give 100%

During morning works at Santa Anita, I noticed the person next to me had on interesting gloves.....it was Halloween after all.

The sunrises at Santa Anita gave some great light.

Game On Dude had a big personality and would pass the crowd and look at everyone individually for any sign of treats.

Its not easy sometimes and takes several to get ears up.  This horse was great by standing quietly and not trying to eat the grass, but was rather broke and took a few tricks to get the ears up

While walking to the spot for a group portrait, they all joined hands and it made the perfect picture for a group.

Game On Dude

Nothing more contagious than a giggling child

Morning works at the 2013 Breeders Cup

Who doesn't like a silhouette especially with a tall horse and an owner that adores him!

The horse's initials not the owner !

Who hasn't taken a photo of wind turbines.  These are located west of Amarillo and it was cold that day!

The very popular Cadilac Ranch also west of Amarillo.  It was very crowded and I stood in this spot for several long minutes (it was cold) until the right moment when no one was in the shot.

A very large bison in Yellowstone Park. I was very excited to see him, as we where headed out of the park and I was afraid I would not see one.

A lone stallion at Mccullough Peaks BLM.

A young horse at the Kiger BLM in Oregon.  Know for having mostly duns. 

The beautiful Grand Tetons at sunrise.

The flys where huge and made some painful bites, but this trio stood in a triangle formation to use each others tails to keep the flys off their faces.  Taken at Mccullough Peaks BLM.

Somewhere in Southwest Oregon. Had no phone service for hours....was kind of nice.

Lower Falls in Yellowstone Canyon.

A very curious pronghorn. We saw him several times as we drove around looking for wild horses. Most of the pronghorns would move away from us, but this one watched us as we drove by. Taken at Mccullough Peaks BLM.

Steam from one of the geysers at Yellowstone National Park.

The colors in this geyser were so vibrant.

Gold and platinum records at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. This wall was several stories tall.

After a long day of modeling, sometimes the music in their head takes over.

Awww cute!

Awww double cute

Some of the models from one of "my practice sessions"

Yes, I like silhouettes.

From an extreme trail course

On our trip to Kentucky, we went to Keeneland every morning to watch the workouts.  Beautiful track!

Took tons of photos at Keenland

More from Keenland.

She is leading $14,200,000: Havre De Grace on the left and Plum Pretty on the right

Harlington, standing at Hill N Dale

Bought a fog machine this year, I really need to use it more in 2014.

While in Kentucky, we visited Spanky, who was rescued by Remember Me Rescue. Last time I saw him he had horrible rain rot and was very thin.  Such a Cinderella story. Read about him here.

Algorithms standing in front of the iconic yellow doors at Claiborne Farm

If you haven't ever watch mutton busting, do.  Tough little kids!

A son and his 90-year-old mother.  He loves his tractor and she loves her lawn mower! 

Tapit at Gainesway.  He knows he's special.

Tapit again. I think he is pretty special, too.

Tapizar.  He was one of  nicest looking horses on the track and still is.

Creator at Old Friends

Special Ring at Old Friends. He does this on command.

While in Kentucky, we would drive around every evening looking at all the horse farms and saw some beautiful scenery.

A pony horse at Lone Star Park that belonged to a good friend.  He had her trained to give him treats.

Master Rick after winning the Lone Star Handicap and his very happy jockey

As much as I like silhouettes, I like reflections just as much.

Did I win those? I'd rather have food.

There are such creative people out there!

A Friesian and his happy owner. Don;t forget to smile while showing,

Taken at the North Texas Equine Photography Workshop. We did a barn doorway session

Someone wanted the attention!

I was once told Friesians were very photo worthy. I have to agree.

Several Gyspy horses turned out in a pasture for the fist time made some great photo ops for the North Texas Equine Photography Workshop

One happy mare!

Gotta love the babies!

We went to a Fasig-Tipton sale in Kentucky and looked at a lot of nice yearlings that were way out of my price range.  But it was fun.

A dog costume contest at a show that benefited Wounded Warriors.

That red barn background again :-)

Of all the beautiful barns in Kentucky, this one was my favorite.

Some more beautiful scenery in Kentucky
Cold mornings and steamy horses.
The beautiful background at Santa Anita

My daughter and I spent a lot of time with Wise Dan at the Breeders Cup.  Making it one of the most memorable moments for my youngest made it extra special for me
Lily, one our horses and one of my favorite subjects.

My oldest daughter got engaged!

My youngest is graduating high school.
Wow what a year! I hope 2014 brings the same opportunities! I have put my camera through quite the workout; time for it to visit the camera spa, AKA Canon Professional Services.

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Basic Photography Tips: Photographing Your Christmas Tree

It is one of the most photographed subjects this time of year. Visit Instagram and search the hashtag #Christmastree and you will find over two million images.  How do you get a good photo?

The title really should read "Very Basic Photography Tips," as this is very easy.

If you are unfamiliar with camera settings and use Auto or a pre-set, then the best method is to use a tripod. If you do not have a tripod, set the camera on a steady surface and use a delay timer to avoid shaking of the camera. Most phone cameras do not have a timer, but there are several free apps that you can use.

Hand-Held iPhone
If you are a little more familiar with your camera and shoot on manual, once again, you need a tripod. I use a very small f-stop. This will give the lights a "star burst" effect which is caused from the blades of the aperture.  Obviously, you will need a longer shutter speed with a small aperture.

The first image was taken with a hand-held iPhone.  The second was taken with a DSLR camera on a tripod. See the image for the camera settings. Same tree, same time, same place. A little bit of prep can greatly improve your image.
Tripod Used -Camera settings - Aperture-f/22, Shutter speed 10 sec ,  ISO 200, White Balance -3300K