A Little More Info

Why do I need equestrian models?
There are several reasons I use equestrian models.  My main focus of my photography business is on horses and humans, mostly in a portrait setting, but also under saddle and in action.

1) Several times a year, I have an idea that I want to try out and I need test subjects for them. 2) I provide images to several magazines and like to have a bank of images that they may need.
3) I love to have my images on social media as a way of self-promotion.
4) I give workshops, private lessons and classes to other photographers and am always in need of models for those.

What is the process?
Before we start, I will need a signed model release that I will provide to you.  Once I receive the signed form, we will discuss a date, location and theme of your shoot. Your shoot may or may not include portraits with your horse, action or under saddle images, lifestyle images, or demonstration images. After your session, I will select the best of your images and we will meet either in person or over the phone to pick the best of the best. 

What do you get?
A fun and relaxing session at no charge.  I love to experiment with light and pose ideas, so you may come away with some very unique images.  If you are wanting to learn more about modeling, you will learn how to pose in front of a camera and how to use light to your advantage. 

How do I get images?
After we pick the best of the best, I will provide you with several images for you to post on social media. By posting, you earn credits to put towards full res images, prints or products. Referrals, either from your posting or word of mouth,  are another way of earning credits. You may purchase images, prints and products at any time if you do not want to wait for your credits to add up.

*You will receive a small payment for some of these.

Still interested?  Or still need a little more info?

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What day(s) of the week work best for your session?
For model sessions weekdays are prefered for me for model session since a majority of my paid sessions are on the weekend. My chance I have a free weekend, you must be willing to do a session possibly with short notice
Sunrise we start 15 minutes before the actual sunrise Sunset we start 1-2 hours before sunset It is very rare that I do mid-day session, but they do happen.